5 Tips for Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat Between Grooming Appointments
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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat Between Grooming Appointments

Regular grooming is an essential feature of proper pet care, especially for small dogs with coats that need frequent attention. But while professional grooming treatments will provide a solid platform for keeping your pooch looking and feeling their best, what you do between appointments is vital too.

This quick guide will teach you how to maintain your pet’s coat between grooming appointments, particularly for dogs weighing 20 pounds & under. When combined with mobile dog grooming appointments scheduled once every four weeks, your pup’s health and happiness will soar.

Top Tips for Small Dogs and Coat Care Between Appointments

Brushing Routine

Regular brushing benefits your dog for many reasons. It distributes natural oils, prevents matting, and removes dirt. Meanwhile, fur will not shed around the home as frequently.

Establishing a consistent routine is vital for small dogs, and will largely be determined by the coat type and length;

  • For short coats and wiry coats, use a rubber-bristled brush once per week.
  • With long or curly coats, use a rubber-bristled brush followed by a steel comb daily.
  • For double coats, use an undercoat rake once per week on top of standard routines.


Crucially, all small dog breeds require gentle brushing. Too much force can cause physical pain as well as emotional distress.

Spot Cleaning

While professional grooming has many benefits, bathing small dogs excessively can potentially do more harm than good for their skin and coat. For many dogs, baths every 3-4 weeks (except for when the pup gets very dirty) can suffice.

However, spot cleaning is essential for staying on top of the situation. Some of the key steps include;

  • Gently wiping their ears,
  • Wiping debris and gunk from the eyes,
  • Cleaning their paw pads.


The steps may be needed several times each day depending on the breed. Preventing an excessive buildup of dirt will support your dog between mobile dog grooming appointments.

Nutrition & Hydration

The health of a dog’s coat is often a reflection of their overall health. Therefore, one of the best ways to support them between mobile dog grooming appointments is to help them from the inside out.

As a rule of thumb, dogs need 50ml – 100ml of water per kilo of body weight daily. Other nutrition tips include;

  • Selecting high-quality dog food with organic ingredients,
  • Include fish oils and omega 3 in their diet,
  • Reduce unhealthy treats.


The simple steps should support healthy coat growth and shine, but you must check with your vet before adjusting your pet’s diet.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors including the weather, allergens, and outdoor activities can all affect a dog’s coat.

Thankfully, some simple tips between mobile dog grooming sessions will protect your pup against damage. They include;

  • Ensuring that small dogs wear dog coats to protect them from harsh weather,
  • Give your pup the right medication for allergies,
  • Avoid spending too much time outdoors in harsh conditions.


When combined with the other simple steps, your dog’s ongoing daily care should promote a better coat as well as improved general health.

Regular Vet Check

Finally, it’s important to book regular vet visits to monitor your pup’s health, including the condition of their coat. An annual visit is advised while you should not delay getting any concerns checked by an expert.

Schedule Frequent Grooming Appointments with a Mobile Dog Groomer in Richmond, VA

All dogs can benefit from regular grooming but what you do between appointments can be equally influential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful coast. Brushing, spot cleaning, and nutrition should be considered daily essentials while regular vet visits and an understanding of your surroundings will aid the cause too.

Nevertheless, regular professional grooming services that are tailored to your pup’s needs are the only way to truly keep your dog’s coat looking its best. For convenient and cost-effective mobile dog grooming in Western Henrico and the surrounding areas, contact Silky Paws today.


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