About Silky Paws

Silky Paws is a mobile dog salon providing full-service grooming services for dogs 20 pounds and under. The owner-operator, Kay Sir, comes to your home or location with a fully equipped grooming van that is self-contained with no hassle for you.

The company was created after the owner-operator, Kay Sir, noticed a difference in her dog after grooming visits. While exploring different groomers and taking her dog in inconsistently, she noticed a difference not only in his haircuts but in his skin and coat after each visit.

She also happened to be looking for a career change focused on helping people and dogs when she saw this need for a groomer more focused on health than vanity. Being a detail oriented dog-mother herself, and knowing she didn’t want to groom in a salon setting, so she developed Silky Paws Mobile Grooming to she could focus on the health and wellbeing of the dogs she groomed.


Meet Kay Sir

Kay Sir is the owner-operator of Silky Paws mobile grooming and is a graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming 600 hour course. Canine Clippers School is an approved school of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and offers a high level of teaching with emphasis on compassion for the pet.

Throughout the year, Kay attends seminars and trade shows to further her education on animal health, skin care and safety. She is always looking into the newest products and attending seminars to continue learning the latest styles and trims. With 10+ Years of experience in dog grooming, Kay has learned the importance of health and psychological care in dog grooming, and ensures her services put the wellbeing of the dog at the forefront.

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Welcome To Our Family

We can’t wait to get started helping your small dog look and feel the healthiest they can be. 

Our goal is focus on their safety, health and well being during our grooming services.

Kay Sir used to be a travel agent, she loved her fast-paced work environment on computers but needed a change. Her love for her dog Yogi and the differences she noticed in groomers inspired her to start the business.

The dog’s health and wellbeing is most important — humanity over vanity — it’s all about the dog here at Silky Paws.

  • We don’t do assembly line style grooming
  • We don’t do a la carte services, you can’t do one service properly without the others
  • We don’t focus on vanity – we want the dog to be comfortable
  • Skin and coat health, and a pleasant experience for the dog is most important

Why do you need to see my dog every 4 weeks?

  • By 5-6 weeks the dog has a higher likelihood of being matted, and scheduling every 6 weeks doesn’t allow leniency for vacations or emergencies where 6 weeks may turn into 8. This allows for the best possible care and managed wellbeing of the dog.


What areas do you service?

  • We serve areas within Western Henrico, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Richmond, Eastern areas of Hanover and Goochland


What does fully self contained van mean?

  • We don’t need to plug into your house for energy
  • Our energy source doesn’t require a generator
  • We utilize a battery inverter system to put safety first


Do you wash my dog in the same water as other dogs?

  • All water is unused, freshwater
  • We use warm water to ensure comfort


What about A/C and Heat?

  • We have A/C and heat to ensure your dog is comfortable in all temperatures and weather conditions

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