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Payment & Appointments

Grooming Schedule

All dogs must be on a regular grooming maintenance schedule of 4 weeks or less, as determined by the groomer.

Vaccination Requirements

All pets being groomed must be current on Rabies vaccinations. Proof of current vaccinations via veterinary paperwork will be required prior to grooming as well as the name and contact information of the veterinarian. Tags do NOT count. This policy is to ensure the health and safety of both the animal and the groomer.


You will be asked to disclose ALL issues that the dog may have, or have had in the past when going to the vet or being groomed (i.e. aggressive tendencies, likes/dislikes, and health conditions) so the groomer can be aware for the session.

Flea / Tick Policy

In order to keep fleas from populating within the grooming unit, we request that all pets be current on proper flea and tick preventatives. FLEA OR TICK INFESTED DOGS WILL NOT BE SERVICED.

If a severe infestation is found on the pet BEFORE the dog has entered the van, the service may be refused with a $50.00 refusal fee until proper preventative treatment has been used to kill the fleas or ticks.

If an infestation is found AFTER the dog has entered the van, there will be a $75 cleaning fee for pest removal in the van. This is in addition to the regular grooming fee.

Matted Pets

SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™ will provide a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes of de-matting time, IF THE PET IS TOLERANT TO IT. De-matting a pet can be painful and ruins the coat. If the matting is severe, the safest alternative is to shave the pet and start the coat over. We will only shave down the pet ONE TIME. After we become your groomer, service will only continue with REGULAR MAINTENANCE (IE: The 4 weeks or less appointment cycle).

SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™ is not liable for any condition uncovered by the groomer due to the matting and a veterinarian consultation will be recommended by the groomer to deal with the condition at the owner’s expense. SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™ does not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medication.

Other Services

We do not offer anal gland expression at SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™. This is an internal organ. It can rupture if the expression is done incorrectly. We recommend seeking vet treatment.

We do not offer ear plucking at SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™. Plucking can cause damage to the ear and allow bacteria to grow. Speak with your veterinarian to see if ear plucking is right for your dog.

Senior Pets

Senior pets require additional time and care. All efforts are made to make your pet as comfortable as possible during the process.


If you must cancel an appointment, it must be done with at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise, there will be a $50 cancellation fee. This is billed to you or added to the following grooming session invoice.

Refusal of Service

SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™ reserves the right to refuse service to overly aggressive pets, severely matted pets, or pets with health issues that require a visit to the veterinarian. Any issues (health or other) not disclosed to the groomer by the owner or unknown by the owner that are found by the groomer can result in termination of the current grooming session at the owner’s expense and a request to seek veterinary counsel.

If, for any reason, service must be refused on site there will be a $50 refusal fee.

SILKY PAWS MOBILE GROOMING™ reserves the right to refuse a pet that is infested with fleas or ticks.

Disclosing that a pet may have aggressive tendencies does not automatically result in a refusal to groom! It allows the groomer to be mindful of the pet’s behavior while being groomed so the groomer can avoid being bitten and can avoid injury to the pet if the pet were to move suddenly while being clipped.

This page is kept up to date as much as possible, but the policies listed above are subject to change. Final policies will be presented at time of consultation.

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