4 Ways To Lower Your Dog’s Grooming Stress
small dog under 20 pounds getting groomed in a mobile grooming van

4 Ways To Lower Your Dog’s Grooming Stress

As a dog owner, you want the best for your furry friend. However, your dog may feel anxious and stressed when exposed to new settings and experiences, including grooming. Dog grooming anxiety, for instance, may cause your pet to develop dangerous behavioral habits. Signs of dog anxiety may include fast breathing, panting, vomiting, shaking, and aggression. It would be best to learn more about your pet’s grooming anxiety and what you can do about it. Below are four simple tips to help lower your dog’s stress while grooming.

Get Them Groomed in a Calm Environment

Grooming time for your furry friends can be very dramatic. But creating a chill spa day setting can turn your pup’s frown upside down without any loud dryers or barking dogs to stress them out. You may explore mobile grooming, which is like a pampering pet salon coming to you, minus the other dogs causing a scene.

Ensure Your Groomer Takes Enough Time

Groomers who rush through your dog’s session could defeat the entire purpose and add to your furry friend’s anxiety. Therefore, it’s best to opt for professionals who aren’t doing assembly line style grooming, you want a situation where your dog gets VIP treatment without any rush. Taking the time to give your pet the good and thorough grooming they deserves will ensure their comfort and also provide enough time to build trust between your dog and the groomer. Silky Paws does this using soft brushes and ergonomic tools that feel like a doggy massage without pulling or tugging your dog’s skin or hair. Also, it helps to have a groomer who can come right to you at your convenience. This way, you and your pet won’t have to deal with other dogs barking during the grooming process.

Positive Reinforcement For Anxious Dogs

It can be stressful when your dog is snapping and snarling during grooming. But before you resort to muzzles, consider positive reinforcement first, including getting the right grooming service. Many dog grooming services know what to do to make your dog feel safe and pampered, not restrained.

Schedule Regular Professional Grooming Appointments

Treating your dog to regular grooming by professionals is always beneficial. Although your pet may be uncomfortable at first with being handled, they can get used to being touched as time goes on and with the right grooming expertise. Plus, the more often your dog goes, the easier the appointments will be because they will consist of maintenance rather than a whole de-matting ordeal.

The Benefits of Regular Professional Grooming Appointments

Hiring a mobile dog grooming service means no stress of car rides or barking strangers, just relaxed vibes in your driveway. Plus, the more your pets are exposed to these grooming sessions, the more they’ll love the gentle brushes, and calming massages. Soon, grooming time won’t be a fearsome adversary but a tail-wagging treat your dog will look forward to.

Contact a Trusted Mobile Dog Groomer in the RVA Area for Your Small Dog

Finding the best grooming service for your dog can be challenging. However, at Silky Paws Mobile Grooming, we provide all your pet grooming needs at your convenience. Our mission is that the dog’s health and well-being are most important — humanity over vanity — it’s all about the dog here at Silky Paws.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend in a full-service, mobile dog grooming salon on wheels in a self-contained, fully-equipped grooming van. We come straight to your door, providing all the grooming services your pet needs to look and feel their best.

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