Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Groomer
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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Groomer

If you are a dog owner then dog grooming is a part of the responsibility that you have taken on. Regular grooming doesn’t just help your dog to look good and smell fresh, but it also helps them with their overall health and well-being.

It’s important to understand that not all dog groomers are created equal, and picking the right one for your dog is going to be something you have to carefully consider. You can’t just pick the first one that you find online.

Why Choosing the Right Dog Groomer is Important

The main reason that choosing the right dog groomer is an important thing to do is because your dog’s safety and comfort should be a priority for you. Remember, when you pick up a puppy or a dog of any age, you are taking on a massive responsibility to look after them.

That includes making sure that you have other people looking after their best interests as well. Here are top ten questions to ask when you are choosing a dog groomer.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Groomer in the Richmond, Virginia Area

What services do they offer?

You need to make sure that the dog groomer in question is providing dog grooming services that your dog needs. This includes anything from bathing and brushing to haircuts and hair trims.

How much experience do they have?

You may not need a degree-trained dog groomer, but you should ask them about their experience and if they have groomed dogs of the same breed as yours. Having somebody who understands your dog’s breed is so important, so try not to bother dog groomers who don’t have experience.

Do they have certifications or accreditations?

The best dog groomers are certified and have undergone stringing training and met certain standards for professional grooming.

What products are they using?

Is the groomer in question using dog grooming products that are safe and suitable for your dog’s particular skin and coat? This is an important question to ask so you can understand what’s being put onto your dog’s body.

Do they specialize in anything?

Some dog groomers specialize in specific dog breeds. It’s a good idea to ask.

How do they handle anxious dogs?

This question only really matters if your dog is a difficult one or has anxiety, but it’s important to understand how a groomer would deal with it if your dog did display any anxious symptoms when you have left them there.

Do they have any references?

References and testimonials are so important when you are leaving your dog in a so-called professional’s hands, you want to know that they really know what they’re doing.

Are the premises clean and safe?

Visit their facility before you decide to book your dog in so that you can make sure that it’s a clean environment and safe for your dog.

What is the cancellation policy?

It’s important to understand the pricing structure and cancellation policy of the groomer, just in case there’s any reason you can’t go to your appointment.

Will they accommodate special requests?

If your dog has any additional needs or requirements, you should make sure that the groomer is willing to accommodate those requirements before you drop them off.

Choose an Experienced Mobile Dog Groomer in the RVA Area

Choosing the right groomer is going to be crucial for your dog’s health.

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