Mobile Dog Grooming
in the
Richmond, Virginia area

Available by appointment

Mobile Dog Groomer serving Western Henrico, Glen Allen, Short Pump,
Eastern areas of Hanover and Goochland, Parts of the City of Richmond, VA


Richmond, Virginia dog groomerGrooming Services

Basic Services

Hours of service are by appointment only and include the following:

  • A massaging bath with appropriate shampoo for his/her needs
  • Re-moisturizing conditioner
  • Brush and fluff during hand drying
  • Nails clipped or filed
  • Ears cleaned and plucked (if needed and does not cause stress to the pet)
  • Paw pads free of hair
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Haircut specific to your individual preference

Services Areas

  • Western Henrico
  • Glen Allen
  • Short Pump
  • Parts of Richmond, Virginia
  • Eastern areas of Goochland and Hanover


  • A basic groom starts at $105+ and is based on the dog’s size, temperament, and coat condition.
  • Tangles, matting, or other issues will incur an additional fee.
  • Recommended grooming schedule is every 4 weeks or less, and will be determined by coat type and length. Anything longer than the recommended grooming schedule may result in higher cost.
  • Additional charges may apply for senior dogs or dogs with health issues as they may require special handling to ensure for their safety.

All estimates are based on a dog with an easy temperament and a coat in good condition. Estimates are subject to change depending on final groom time. Costs are also dependent on grooming style requested. A correct breed style may cost more than a “short all over” trim because of increased time spent drying and hand scissoring. Severe coat matting may increase cost because of time spent attempting to safely shave mats away from skin while keeping the dog comfortable. With Matted pets or older pets, comfort will always come before aesthetics

All pets MUST be current on Rabies vaccinations.