Find a Groomer for Your Senior Small Dog: Tips and Considerations
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Find a Groomer for Your Senior Small Dog: Tips and Considerations

When it comes to grooming, the needs of every dog can be different. Their size, the type of fur they age, and even their age can play a role. As dogs get older, they can become a little more sensitive, and can become grumpy or tired more easily. Smaller dogs can require a little more care and precision, too. As such, it’s important to work with a groomer that can adjust to their needs, and has experience grooming senior small dogs.

Tips to Find the Right Groomer to Groom Your Senior Small Dog

Do They Use the Right Clippers?

You want to make sure that your groomer is using high-quality clippers, and that they have a smaller set of clippers available so that they’re able to target the areas of their bodies that require a little more precision. Low quality clippers can lead to inaccuracy.

Do They Have an Elevated Surface to Work on?

You don’t want your groomer to be reaching too far down to groom your dog, as not only is it uncomfortable, but it can make it harder to maintain visibility of the places that they need to see. An adjustable grooming table can help your groomer raise your dog to the right level and can also secure them, as they might not try to wriggle out of the groomer’s grip if they can’t see anywhere to go.

Do They Treat Them Gently?

Your groomer shouldn’t be afraid of grooming an older dog, they can take a brushing and a clipping as well as any. Your groomer should, however, be more gentle with them, using softer brushes and kinder grooming tools that won’t tug on their hair, especially if they are prone to skin or hair issues.

Do They Avoid Noisy Tools If Necessary?

Tools like electric shavers and hair dryers can become a lot more stressful for older dogs, and smaller dogs can be more anxious of large devices near them, regardless. This is especially true of dogs that have reduced eyesight due to age.

Do They Work Quickly, but Carefully?

You don’t want your groomer to rush the grooming process, by any means, but they should try to avoid keeping them still for too long. Older dogs do tend to get tired more easily, and can become grumpy if they’re held standing for longer. Shorter grooming sessions more often can help your groomer take care of all of their needs, rather than just one. There are many benefits to regular grooming.

Do They Avoid Spooking Them?

Older dogs spook more easily than younger ones, and some smaller dogs can be more prone to anxiety, too. For that reason, your groomer should talk gently to them, and avoid making any sudden movements, be it with their hands, or in the positioning around them.

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